gHarmony: Part 2

We all love Gettysburg College and the people that we met there. We have a fondness for the relationships that we formed with friends, professors, administrators, and staff. Some Gettysburgians even fall in love during their time at Gettysburg! Today, we highlight two such Gettysburg couples. If you would like to read more Gettysburg love stories, be sure to check out last year’s gHarmony post!

 Alex Massey ’11 and Liz Amrhein ’12
Liz & Alex

Where and when did you first meet? Was it a memorable meeting?
We met the first day of marching band camp in August 2008 – the first day on campus for Liz (Alex was a sophomore). Since we were both members of the drumline, we were playing the name game in sectionals so it wasn’t very special. We were in rehearsals a lot together during the fall semester and then became friends quickly after that.

How did you incorporate Gettysburg into your wedding?
Gettysburg was very special to us, as it’s where we met and where we were engaged (during the sesquicentennial), so we knew almost right away that we wanted to get married at Gettysburg. We were married in the College Chapel on June 7, 2014 by Rev. Donnella. And of course, many of our guests were Gettysburg alums and also faculty.

As a couple, how do you stay connected to Gettysburg?
We like to give back every year (Alex recently won the Servo cookies for the BOLD Giving Challenge!) We also go to homecoming every year and Liz still performs occasionally with the College Orchestra and other Gettysburg community ensembles.

What are your favorite memories of your time at Gettysburg?
Most of our favorite memories are with our friends from our dorms, departments, marching band, and ultimate frisbee team. We’re still very close with lots of our Gburg friends and love being with them.

If you each had to name one thing, what do you love most about the College?
Alex: The Swing Dance every year.
Liz: My old residence, the Blue Note.

Jacob Henkoff ’11 and Marci Zimmerman ’11
Marci & Jacob

Where and when did you first meet? Was it a memorable meeting?
We met on the first day of Orientation in 2007. We don’t remember the specifics, but we both lived in Hanson Hall, and there is photographic evidence of us sitting next to each other during the hypnotist that night. We were in the same First-Year Seminar (Infernal Voyages with the incomparably fashionable Prof. Leonard Goldberg). During the first day of class, he warned the 16 of us that odds were high that two of us in that room would some day end up married. Looks like he was right.

Do you plan to incorporate Gettysburg into your upcoming wedding?
Absolutely! Our colors for the wedding are orange and blue, and most of our wedding party is comprised of the lifelong friends we met while at Gettysburg. Of course we’ll take a photo with the Gettysburg flag (since there will be plenty of alums attending). That being said, before there was a wedding, there was our Gettysburg engagement. During this past Homecoming, Jacob took Marci back to where they first started dating, and popped the question. Originally, Jacob had reached out to President Riggs, hoping to gain access to the cupola for his proposal, but she informed him that unfortunately it was structurally unsound. Luckily Jacob’s other plan worked perfectly, and afterwards we dined gloriously at Montezuma’s with much of our Gettysburg family.

As a couple, how do you stay connected to Gettysburg?
One thing that we’ve done each year since we were seniors is attend at least one Send-Off. We love meeting the incoming crop of students and getting the opportunity to share our insight as well as meet other graduates (both recent and not). We’ve also attended multiple Homecomings since we graduated, and Jacob even made it down for a Springfest. Marci is currently serving on the BOLD Council, and we are both involved with the NYC Alumni Club. Additionally, after serving on Senior Class Gift Campaign, we have continued to make a contribution to the school each year.

What are you favorite memories of your time at Gettysburg?
Marci: Working on First Year Programs with an amazing group of people in the Office of Student Activities.
Jacob: I was lucky enough to play on of my dream roles in “My Fair Lady.” A part that should really be played by, at the very least, a 40 year old man.

If you each had to name one thing, what do you love most about the College?
We both agree that what we love most about Gettysburg is its unique culture of inclusive community and lifelong connections. Starting from that fateful first day of Orientation, Gettysburg College has been, and always will be, a second home to us.

5 Ways to Feel Connected to Gettysburg Over the Holidays

During the winter, I often find myself reminiscing about the holidays at Gettysburg. Whether it was sitting with my 35 closest friends at SERVO’s Thanksgiving Dinner or attending my 12th ugly sweater Christmas party of the season, there is something very festive about being on campus during this time of year.

I notice that I miss Gettysburg more this time of year, and I often need a piece of Gettysburg with me to feel a little better. So, to help us all find that part of our College that we are missing this December, I would like to share with you the top 5 ways to feel connected to Gettysburg during the holiday season:

5.  Update your information! The Alumni Relations Form is the best way to update the College on changes in your life including new jobs, getting married, having kids, and a change of address. The College loves to be able to keep in touch with all of the alumni and this is a very helpful way to do that! Also, don’t forget to join the College’s LinkedIn Group to be able to find out what other Gettysburgians are doing.

4.  Attend an event! Every month there are many Gettysburg Alumni events taking place around the country. The easiest way to find these events is connecting with your local regional club. Regional clubs get together for social outings, organize volunteer efforts, host speakers, and more. If you enjoy planning events you should consider being on your regional club’s planning committee. To make sure you don’t miss the invite to the events near you, like your club’s page on Facebook and make sure the College has your updated address and email!

3.  Volunteer for Gettysburg! The College needs young enthusiastic alumni who can get people excited about returning to campus for reunions, applying to Gettysburg, and more. You can get involved by becoming a Penn Hall Partner (formally known as the Class Agent Program), working for the KARE program, or being on a reunion planning committee.

2.  Wear your Gettysburg gear! Being over 350 miles away from Gettysburg, there is nothing I love more than when I am wearing a Gburg shirt and I run into another alum. It is always great to connect with other alums and hear about their experiences. Need new gear? Check out the bookstore online for the latest sales and new trends!

1.  Drumroll…My favorite way to stay connected to Gettysburg is to follow the College on social media! It is a quick and easy way to see a snapshot of what’s going on on campus or with fellow alumni. Check out Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram–my personal favorite! Don’t forget to also follow Gettysburg Bold on Facebook and Twitter!

Article by Alexandra Sfekas Demers ’08, BOLD Council

#GburgGivingTuesday: Honor a special Gettysburgian in your life

Every Gettysburg College graduate remembers a person on campus who changed their life for the better–a favorite professor, an inspiring coach, or even a former lab partner who later became a lifelong friend. This Tuesday, as we come off another frantic Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, let’s take a moment to say thank you.

#GburgGivingTuesday, held on December 2, is about honoring those who have made a positive impact on your personal journey, and giving back to your alma mater so future generations can have equally rewarding experiences.

Honor a special Gettysburgian today and share it with the world:

Thank you for your support!

Let’s talk turkey: BOLD alums reflect on SERVO Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner was held on Tuesday, November 11. Four BOLD alumni and employees (Shruti Naik ’13, Admissions; Anna Baldasarre ’14, Student Activities & Greek LifeJohnny Nelson ’13, Annual Giving; and Megan Bailey ’14, Residence Life) shared their experiences of the beloved tradition as volunteer staff servers.

What was the best part about serving Thanksgiving Dinner?

Shruti: The best part of Thanksgiving dinner for me has always been seeing the entire Gettysburg community come together to celebrate a holiday that many of us associate with family—it shows that the Gettysburg community is also a “family.”

Anna: Seeing how excited both students and staff are to share in this tradition. All the students were very grateful for the meal, and it’s a great chance for students and staff to interact outside of their everyday roles and routines—it really is a community event.

Johnny: The people, one way or another. Serving as an alumnus and employee, the highlight is serving groups of students who I know and have worked with. When I was a student myself, it was about the group of people who all joined to have a Thanksgiving meal together.

Megan: At one point, a group of first-year men came in to be seated. As they walked to their table, they were looking around at all of their peers and the tables full of food. Before they sat down, one of them blurted out “Wow! A whole turkey… This is awesome!!!” Not only did that exclamation make me smile, it also reminded me just how significant this event is for Gettysburgians. Partaking in an American tradition with your Gettysburg family is just one example of what makes this place so special!

How has your perspective on the tradition changed from student to alum?

Megan: I attended SERVO Thanksgiving each of the past four years as a student, so I thought that I knew what to expect when I arrived to serve dinner. However, there is a lot of thought and work that goes into SERVO Thanksgiving that I just didn’t consider about before. This year, I was just one of 121 volunteers (the most ever) and I know that coordinating a team that large took a lot of planning. It was pretty incredible to realize that we were serving over 2,000 students in just 3 ½ hours! I loved watching students’ faces light up as they took a seat among their friends and their favorite part of the meal was passed down the table to them. The joy in their faces made a few hours of running back and forth to the kitchen totally worth it.

Anna: When you’re a student, Thanksgiving Dinner is an event that you look forward to every year, but it’s pretty much taken for granted that everyone will go to SERVO together. For the servers, it’s completely a volunteer opportunity—staff, administrators, and faculty from all areas of the College are offering their time to give back to the students.

Shruti: This was my first year serving dinner and it was really weird to be on the back end of things and see all of the hard work that goes into the dinner! I always appreciated the staff who served dinner, but actually participating in the back and forth of getting refills, etc., this year gave me a whole new appreciation for the staff who served me my four dinners as a student!

What parts of the event are students unaware of?  Is there anything unique or exciting that happens before dinner starts or after everyone is served?

Johnny: The highlight for me, serving as an alumnus now, is who I’m serving with. Working together with my colleagues to make the event great for the students in all the hustle and bustle of a busy environment is so rewarding. Many students may not realize it, but after every student group is served and SERVO closes, all the servers stay and have their own Thanksgiving meal with one another. That’s a pretty special thing—professors, admission counselors, support staff; everyone, from all areas of the College sitting down to eat with one another and enjoy the great work we just did.

Megan: After all of the students left and the tables were bussed, I got to sit down and eat with my colleagues. As a new employee, I truly enjoyed being able to share SERVO Thanksgiving with the other volunteers. It is one of Gettysburg’s most well-known and unique traditions and this year I feel particularly grateful to continue to be a part of the Gettysburg College community.

Shruti: I didn’t know that all of the employees ate Thanksgiving dinner together after the students ate—I really enjoyed being able to eat with colleagues across campus after being able to serve students. As an alumna and employee of the College, I am honored to be able to continue to take part in a tradition that always held so much meaning to me. When prospective students ask me what my favorite tradition was, I always say Thanksgiving Dinner and being able to serve dinner this year really made the tradition come full circle for me!

What is your favorite memory from Thanksgiving Dinner?

Johnny: My best memory of Thanksgiving Dinner is definitely from last fall, my first year of working here as an administrator. I was only six months out from being a student myself, and it felt a little weird to be back working with students on a daily basis, let alone serving them for Thanksgiving Dinner. Then, towards the end of the evening, President Riggs, who was also serving, called all the alumni servers over to get a picture with her in our aprons. I remember that being a special moment as I looked around at a fairly large group of College staff who were also alums. It felt good to be part of this group who had been students and were now back serving the College in a different capacity. It was a moment of confirmation, when I realized I was still in the right place here at Gettysburg.

Article by Laura Baldasarre ’12, BOLD Council

Love your alma mater? Join the BOLD Council.

Do you love Gettysburg College? Well, that may be more of a rhetorical question since, if you’re reading this, of course you do. Do you wish to share your talents with the greater Gettysburg community? Do you have great ideas about how to maintain connections with other young alumni? Are you able to commit to attending two on-campus meetings per year, voicing your opinions on conference calls, and volunteering your time? If so, you may be interested in joining the BOLD Council!

Burgians of the Last Decade (BOLD) works to enhance the young alumni (graduated 0-10 years ago) connection to Gettysburg. BOLD programs include networking and social events, career services, philanthropy, and volunteer activity.

The BOLD Council is comprised of 25 members, all serving 3-year terms. Applications for the June 2015-May 2018 term are now open and are due by November 30th. If you are interested in using your talents and passion for Gettysburg College, please click here.

Article by Laura Baldasarre ’12, BOLD Council

Class v. Class Challenge

Last month, while I was on campus for Homecoming Weekend, I was reminded of what makes Gettysburg College such a unique place: the four classes that make up the student body (the Classes of 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018) are consistently outdoing the classes that came before them!

Every new class is more amazing than the last, and Gettysburg College students as a whole seem to have an evermore impressive array of personal and professional experiences at home and abroad, even before their first day of Orientation. To experience it for yourself, read one of the news stories on the College’s homepage featuring one of these students and their adventures, or better yet, talk to a current student, faculty member, or staff member about their experiences on campus today. Learn just a little about what they are doing, and you will realize how great our current students truly are.

Fear not: the College is stepping up its game to accommodate the talents and dreams of these impressive students. In the coming years, Gettysburg College will continue to work toward its goal of raising $150 million through Gettysburg Great: The Campaign For Our College.

This campaign is not just about raising money, it is about increasing the number of opportunities for student scholarships and other financial support. It is about attracting and supporting a talented and diverse faculty. It is about increasing the number of professional and personal opportunities for growth and development available to students on campus, in and around Gettysburg, and across the world. These are not simply things we can or should do. These are things we must do to ensure that no matter how impressive our incoming classes continue to be, we, the people of Gettysburg College, are prepared to offer to them experiences that are even more amazing than those we had as students.

For young alumni, the time to contribute to these efforts is now. Even though the entire month of October is BOLD Giving Month, this year, there will be a 48-hour Class vs. Class Challenge, which will begin on Wednesday, October 15 at 10 a.m. While the winning class will have its class flag flown high atop the Cupola, think of this challenge as a way to outdo the classes before you, and even to outdo the ones after you.

Give, and encourage your friends to give as well—this challenge is not about donating the most, but about achieving the highest participation of donors. Everyone who gives will have a stake in the new and exciting things that are happening at Gettysburg College, and everyone will be working toward the same goal–making sure that each and every new class is better than the one before.

I give back because I am proud of where Gettysburg College has been and what we have accomplished so far, and because I am excited about where we’re heading. I hope every new class will be better than the one before it, and I am stepping up to help make that happen…Will you join me?

Alex Ferraro ‘12 is the vice chair of the BOLD Council and a third-year student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Be #gettysburgreat this Homecoming and Campaign Kick-Off Weekend, Sept. 19-21

Homecoming is always an exciting weekend at Gettysburg College! Some of this year’s highlights include: the first weekend back on campus for many who graduated in May; the Class of 2009’s 5-year reunion; the Class of 2005’s final Homecoming as BOLD alums; and Owl and Nightingale’s 100th anniversary of excellence in theatre and the performing arts.

This year’s Homecoming will be even greater, more glorious, and if possible, even more orange and blue! On September 20, Gettysburg College will officially launch the public phase of its comprehensive campaign, Gettysburg Great: The Campaign for Our College. If you haven’t heard about our new campaign, check out the events below during your weekend on campus.

The Journey to Great: An Interactive Adventure
Saturday, September 20
9:30 a.m. – Noon
Plank Gym

Pick up your passport and journey through fun, interactive stations. You’ll enjoy music, science, art, community service, and time with current students all aimed at creating your own Gettysburg great experience–with an toward the future. Everyone is welcome!

Gettysburg Great All Campus Lunch
Saturday, September 20
11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Memorial Field Tent

This year, the tent lunch will be hosted by the BOLD Council! Alumni, parents, current students, and friends can participate in fun activities to learn more about the College’s new campaign through the themes of Do, Great, Work, and Community. The tent will include a photo area, games, and faculty cameos. Cost is $10 for adults, $5 for children.

An Evening of Celebration and Exploration
***By invitation only
Saturday, September 20
6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Lobby, Jaeger Center for Athletics, Recreation, and Fitness

During this unforgettable evening, experience what makes Gettysburg great with others who love our College. Join president Janet Morgan Riggs ’77 for an interactive dinner and engaging conversation with students and faculty.

View the full Homecoming schedule and be sure to use the hashtag #gettysburgreat throughout the weekend. If you aren’t able to make it to Gettysburg, follow the activities live via the College’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and check out the BOLD blog over the next few months for more information about Gettysburg Great!

Article by Laura Baldasarre ’12, BOLD Council